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Home recovering from a wound, Lt. George David Buswell, of Co. H, 33rd Virginia Infantry, wrote of life in Page County over the Christmas of ’64.

As early as Thursday, December 22, the lieutenant mentioned sleighing to school and that “the boys turned him out at noon.” A few days later, on Sunday, Christmas Day, Buswell wrote of drinking eggnogg and then moving on to a family member’s house where there was a “nice crowd present.” In the days that followed, dancing seemed to be the business of the day, every day, through New Year’s Eve. On December 26, Buswell, in a crowd of folks, and along with Lt. Oliver Hazard Perry Kite (also of the Page Grays and also recovering from a wound), headed for Mr. John Welfley’s where “they had a dance.” The following day there was another dance at Jack Kite’s. With a brief respite from the dance on December 28, the pleasant pastime resumed once again with yet another dance at Noah Kite’s place near Columbia Mills near Alma, followed by yet another on New Year’s Eve, at Leonard S. Printz’s House.

Regretfully, the old Shuler House (which was the old Welfley place) at Rinaca’s Corner is not the one that was standing in 1864, but rather a postwar residence. Likewise, the home of Noah Kite was washed away in the flood of 1870. I have yet to figure out the location of Jack Kite’s house and Leonard Printz’s houses, but when I do, will include them among the new Civil War era sites mentioned in this blog.


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