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Herbert Barbee's Confederate Monument in Luray

Barbee Monument, Summer, 1898.       *AR Feature

Herbert Barbee’s “Confederate Heroes Monument” was the sole Confederate monument standing in Luray during the latter 19th century. Sculpted by Herbert Barbee, the monument was probably inspired by a visit made by Barbee to Gettysburg, when he noted the absence of Confederate monuments there. Barbee’s Confederate monument was placed on the east side of Luray, but did not recognize the role of local Confederates in the war. Curiously, on the day the monument was dedicated in 1898, local Confederate veterans of the recently formed Rosser-Gibbons Camp were enjoying a picnic within a hundred yards of the monument, but did not partake in the dedication, nor were they mentioned in any form in the dedication program. This, it is believed, prompted a desire among the veterans and their children to erect another Confederate monument in Page County.

Herbert Barbee

Thornton’s Gap

Hawsberry Inn


=>Rosser-Gibbons Camp, Confederate Veterans



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