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Postwar image of Robert H. Russell, from his Military Pension Record

Born in 1837, in Ohio, Russell enlisted in the 66th Ohio Infantry in 1861, and by war’s end was a captain. Severely injured by a fall at the Battle of Lookout Mountain, in November 1863, Russell continued to serve, but, at the Battle fo Atlanta, was prostrated by sunstroke, and later shot in the instep by a Confederate sharpshooter. Despite the injuries and wound, Russell participated in Gen. William T. Sherman’s “March to the Sea,” and when his three-year term of service expired on December 28, 1864, he was subsequently discharged in Savannah, Georgia. Instead of returning immediately to Ohio, Russell opted to remain there for a few weeks, starting a grocery business with a German resident of the city.

In less than two months, Russell left Savannah and returned to Ohio, but later married, that year, in Rohrersville, Maryland.

Though it’s unclear why he relocated to Page County, Virginia, Russell became a resident of the county was listed in the 1870 census for the county, as a farmer and Luray merchant.

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