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Using MLA as a guide, the following is an example of how one would cite a post found within this blog:

Moore, Robert H., II, “Ida’s ‘Fruitland’ and ties to Col. Elijah V. ‘Lije’ White.” [Weblog entry.] Avenue of Armies: A Supplement To the Page County Civil War Tour Book. December 20, 2008. February 9, 2009 <;.

Structurally, all elements included in the citation reflect the following:

Lastname, Firstname, “Title of individual blog entry.” [Weblog entry.] Name of Weblog. Date posted. Date accessed <URL>.

One Comment

  1. Mr. Moore,
    I am a resident of Page County and my wife and I own historic Stover Hall near Luray. We are interested in any assistance you can provide us on locating history on the Stover Family and this historic home. The home was built circa 1833. Thank you,
    Wes Grieve

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