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Formed in Shenandoah, Virginia and chartered in 1896, as Camp No. 68, Grand Camp Confederate Veterans of Virginia, the George W. Summers Camp was the first officially organized camp of Confederate veterans in Page County. Named for Capt. George W. Summers, who was killed in June, 1865, the camp was commanded by Robert S. Pritchett, while James E. Price served as adjutant. The camp also moved quickly to form the first “sons” camp in the county when it formed the Page Valley Camp No .9, Grand Camp Sons of Confederate Veterans of Virginia. This Sons camp was eventually chartered as Camp No. 20, Sons of Confederate Veterans.

In 1897, the G.W. Summers Camp paid for what appears to have been approximately 44 members. Command also shifted that same year to Commander Gilbert T. Israel and Adjutant Thomas A. Miller. The camp also sent two delegates to the convention that year – Cdr. Israel and David W. Wyant.

Apparently, 1907 was the last year that the G.W. Summers Camp ever paid dues though they remained on the books of the Grand Camps organization through 1909. It was in 1909 that the overall organization shows the camp as being disbanded.



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