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Judge John H. Booton (1874-1960), in December 1927, noted:

There is not, and never was, a slave block in Luray. The large square stone at the corner of Main and North Court streets was brought to town from the Old Furnace after the [Civil] war. Mr. [Nicholas Wesley] Yager, who owned the Smoot Building and conducted a store in the corner room, brought this stone to town and used it for a gate post at the corner of North Court and North Alley streets. Later it was moved to its present location and served as a stile upon which customers who came on horseback could dismount. I can remember when two smaller stones stood beside it forming steps.

After having sat at the corner of Court and Main for approximately 70 years (assuming it had been moved from the corner of N. Alley and Court St., to the SW corner of Court and Main, ca. 1867), the stone was moved only slightly, in December 1937, to allow for the widening of the streets. The stone was not moved to Inn Lawn Park until 1961.

=>John Heiskell Booton

Nicholas Wesley Yager

Smoot Building

Inn Lawn Park


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