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Slavery in Page County by the numbers, 1840-1860

1840: 781 slaves; 189 slave-owners (out of a total free population of 5,413, of which 216 were free blacks)

1850: 957 slaves; 228 slave-owners (out of 1,089 free families, and at which time there was a total free population of 6,643, of which 311 persons were free blacks)

1860: 1,850 slaves; 177 slave-owners (out of 1,210 free families, and at which time there was a total free population of 7,259, of which 384 were free blacks)


All of the following links are to the blog “Too Long Forgotten

Stories about specifically named former slaves:

=>Page County’s Appleberry/Applebury men in the USCT

=>“Colored Folks of the Antebellum Days

=>Cemetery Snippet – The Judy Graveyard (former slave “Uncle Mat Ford” and family)

=>About a former Kite family slave

=>Charles Russell Lowell liberates a Luray slave (former slave “James”, renamed by C.R.L. as “Luray”)

=>Ben Moseby

=>”Ex-slave of Page Wants to hear of People Long Dead“(former slave Mary Powell)

=>How “Old Sill” [Drucilla] ran the Charles C. Dovel family household

=>Noah Thornton: From Page County slave to Union soldier

=>Aunt Betty’s Story (The life of Page County slave, Bethany Veney)

=>Beyond Aunt Veney’s Story (The story of Bethany Veney’s life not covered in her autobiography)

=>Frank Veney – the other half of the Bethany Veney story

=>”Page County ex-slave Lives at the age of 109” (former slave John P. Washington)

=>Obituary of John P. Washington, Slave of Koontz Family


Stories about slaves, from the perspective of Page County whites:

=>Recollections of a white Page Countian (Jacob H. Coffman ( 1852-1938 ) about the days of slavery

=>Seekford remembers central Page County slaves (former slaves Aaron Washington, Aindie Washington, Ambrose Finton, Andrew Jackson, Bub Ford, Caroline Green, Dennis Finton, Emma Finton, Emma Jackson, Emma Lewis, Fannie Green, Hubert Lewis, Jake Ford, Jim Ford, Jim Lewis, John Finton, Lester Bieler, Lewis Green, Little Lewis, Lottie Lewis, Maggie Finton, Martha Ford, Mary Cyrus, Mary Jackson, Mat Ford, Mollie Jackson, Sam Lewis, Samuel Lewis, Sill, Thomas Jackson, Tuck Jackson)

=>A son/grandson of slaveholders on slavery… Thomas Almond Ashby


Other records regarding former slaves from Page County:

=>Freedman’s Bureau Reports for Page County


Related stories:

General Ulysses Simpson Grant Fry’s restaurant in Luray

=>The memory of slavery in a family artifact?


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