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The Rosser-Gibbons Camp No. 89, United Confederate Veterans, was apparently the second recorded organization of ex-Confederates in Page County, having organized at the courthouse in Luray, on April 30, 1898. Named for Page County native Colonel Simeon B. Gibbons (one time commander of the 10th Virginia Infantry, killed at the Battle of McDowell) and General Thomas L. Rosser (former commander of the Laurel Brigade), the camp, like most in Virginia, held dual charters: one with the Grand Camp of Confederate Veterans of Virginia (as Camp No. 89) and another (with a charter date of May 24, 1904) as Camp No. 1561, with the national organization known as the United Confederate Veterans.

The camp was initially mentioned in the July 1898 issue as having been organized in Luray with sixty-seven members. Over the years following the camp’s organization, camp members attended a number of reunions, both in and outside Page County.

As the ranks of the Confederate veterans of Page County slowly thinned over the years, with only three members in attendance at the regular camp meeting on May 5, 1928, the Rosser-Gibbons Camp was officially disbanded.


1) Richard Stewart Parks, 1898-1913 (died March 27, 1922)
2) John W. Grove, 1914-1015 (died August, 1924)
3) Charles E. Biedler, 1916-1925 (died November 8, 1926)
4) Unknown, 1926-1928


1) William E. Grayson, 1898-1902 (later commander of the William Richardson Camp, Front Royal)
2) Silas K. Wright, 1903-193 (died December 1, 1925)
3) James W. Wood, 1914-1920 (died 19280
4) Philip M. Printz, 1921-1925 (died October 23, 1928)
5) Unknown, 1926-1928


Reunion of the Rosser-Gibbons Camp, at Inn Lawn Park, in 1924.

=>Page County Confederate Veteran reunion travels outside Page County


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