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Page News & Courier (Luray, Virginia newspaper):

It has been sixteen years of peace and national prosperity has been fully long enough to cure all the heart-burns and bitterness engendered by the unholy and unnatural strife.


The Carlisle Herald and Mirror:

During this part of the exercises many eyes were dim with tears of joy mingled with tears of sadness at the recollection of the dark days of war.


Luray Mayor Henry James Smoot (former Confederate surgeon):

… no North, no South, no East, no West, but glorified in a common country and a common destiny.


Andrew Jackson Broaddus (1840-1898), Page County Confederate Veteran & former 3rd Lieutenant, Co. C, 39th Battalion Virginia Cavalry (Gen. Robert E. Lee’s Scouts & Bodyguard):

Cowards bear malice – it is the part of the brave to forgive, and he, who deaf to his country’s call, refused to bear his breast to the leaden storm of bullets, is the last to smoke the calumet of peace.


Francis Hubert Jordan (Confederate Veteran, Capt. and A.D.C. to Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard):

Soldiers of the Grand Army of the Republic, we meet you on this occasion not as the types of misfortune, or as men with fettered hands; nor as supplicants kneeling at the behest of our conquerors; but as brothers with extended hands, thrusting aside all sectional prejudices, and curbing the evil passions which sacrilegious war engenders, casting all our former animosities into the dead history past.


Judge R.M. Henderson (Union Veteran of Colwell Post #201, and former Lt. Col., 7th P.R.V.C.):

The recent past of our country’s trials furnishes many themes for study and discussion . . . This must be done calmly, wisely and well.


William E. Miller (Union Veteran, Medal of Honor recipient, and Captain, 3rd Pa. Cavalry):

I propose three cheers, and that the motto above our heads [IN UNION, THERE IS STRENGTH] may not have been placed there in vain, we will break ranks and clasp hands across the chasm, once wide and bloody, but now narrowed by the lapse of time, and covered with the green sod of peace.




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