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The McNeel (often mispelled as McNeil) Marble Company of Marietta, Georgia, placed monuments throughout the South for almost 75 years. Brothers Morgan and R.M. McNell of Marietta organized the company in 1891, by 1912, they advertised as “the largest monumental plant in the South” (Confederate Veteran, December 1912, 592). The same advertisement exhorted patriotic Southerners, “Don’t delay starting the movement, because the heroes of the sixties are fast leaving us, and every year’s delay denies many of them seeing the memorial.” The McNeels expanded their services through branch offices in several other cities and continued operations until 1965, when the company was liquidated by Morgan McNeel, Jr. (A Comprehensive Guide to Outdoor Sculpture in Texas, by Carol Morris Little, 1996, p. 235-236).


McNeel Marble Company Ad from 1913


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