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The Summers-Koontz Camp No. 490, Sons of Confederate Veterans was chartered September 14, 1904, with Frederick Taylor Amiss (1868-1942) as commander, William Kerfoot Adams (1868-1931), first lieutenant commander, Robert Lee McKim (1876-1961), second lieutenant commander, Arthur Ashby Grove (1883-1940), adjutant; William H. Wright (ca. 1886-?), color sergeant; Rev. George Shelby Kennard (1858-1936), chaplain; Julian Shepard Price (1874-1953), treasurer; Dr. H.T. Willis, surgeon; Hugh W.D. Cary (1868-1939), quartermaster; and John Heiskell Booton (1874 – 1960), historian. Though not a camp officer, the only other known charter member of the camp was Frank Lester Koontz (1877-1945).

Significant projects of the camp included tending to the needs of the aging veterans, helping organize reunions, collecting the names of all of the county’s Confederate Veterans, and aiding directly the in the fundraising campaign to erect what is now known as the 1918 Confederate Veterans Monument. The day the monument was unveiled, the former Summers-Koontz Camp adjutant, Arthur Ashby Grove, was in the trenches of France as a first lieutenant in the Twenty-ninth (Blue-Gray) Infantry Division.

In 1931, with membership numbers falling below the requisite number to maintain a charter, the camp was disbanded.


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